Looking for new flooring for your home? There are a variety of options when it comes to picking your flooring, and each one has its benefits for each room in the house. Here are some flooring ideas you can take inspiration from to create the perfect look for each room in your home.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. To make the kitchen functional, durable, and practical, you need the right flooring in place to take the family traffic, as well as the impact of cooking three meals a day, every day.

Stone tiles for a kitchen are very popular for their clean and modern look, but what they offer in style they lack in affordability. Alternative flooring ideas include luxury vinyl, which can come in stone style, or stone/tile laminate. Both these options provide a practical and durable floor that provides the aesthetic that you would get with stone tiles, but with a more appealing price tag.

If you want a more earthy feel for your family hub, you might opt for a wooden appearance floor. You might want to invest in real wood, however, the maintenance of this on top of the everyday maintenance of running your family kitchen can create extra chores in the household. Again, you could opt for a vinyl or laminate flooring as an alternative that gives you the look you are wanting but with added practicality. They are hard-wearing and brilliant for handling mess with their easily cleaned surface.


Is your lounge your cosy oasis? Your entertaining centre for family and friends? Maybe it’s your busy core to the home? Whatever it may be, we’ve got the perfect flooring ideas to suit your needs.

Give your lounge that luxurious feel to relax into at the end of a long day, with a beautiful, engineered wood flooring option. With it being strong, and easy to install you can have a stunning floor for you lounge in no time, that not only looks good but lasts. Ranging from parquet to three strip planks, you can have the traditional look to fit your décor, or the modern sleek look to keep up with the trends.

Not only is engineered flooring perfect for creating that luxury, relaxing atmosphere, but it is also great for family life. As a durable option, it can take the impact of lots of foot fall and still give that high-end look without compromising on practicality. Perhaps though, you’d like a floor that can handle the wear and tear of family life, in which case you’ll want a scratch-resistant floor such as vinyl. Vinyl comes in a range of styles to fit the look you want, and with its durable nature, the look you want can last as long as you want.

Dining Room

Much like your kitchen, flooring ides for your dining room need to be practical in the face of food and drink spillages. Your dining room is the prime spot for dinner parties that create a mess, and the family mealtime that can often create chaos, and your dining room floor should be prepared.

Vinyl and laminate are recommended for practicality. The range of styles means you won’t have to compromise on style either, as Flooring Village offers flooring that strikes the perfect balance between looking good and withstanding everyday life effectively. You can opt for tile or stone appearance to fit with a sharp, modern aesthetic or go down the more traditional route by choosing a wood look floor to create your ideal dining experience every day. You can also opt for engineered wood flooring as another option for that wooden floor you’ve been dreaming of. This will be perfect to give your dining room that high-end feel, giving you and your family the desired look with the ease of cleaning and relieve that added stress that comes with day-to-day activity.


Bathrooms are known for getting neglected in the home when they should be a place of calm to take a relaxing bubble bath or steaming shower and a space that can be easily cleaned so it’s spotless for yourself and guests. So, don’t leave it at the bottom of your list.

Flooring ideas for the bathroom can seem the easiest, however you should think carefully about what style you are opting for in this room before you settle on your flooring. This floor will need to be durable to manage the soggy footsteps and splashes from the tub, so you want it to last you. Therefore, try pick the perfect style so you know it will survive the water, as well as the ever-changing trends in aesthetic.

Vinyl and laminate are suggested for bathrooms as it’s the flooring that will be easily mopped and stays looking polished even in-between cleans. Again, you can go for a tiled style which is popular for bathrooms but comes without the hassle of scrubbing difficult areas such as grout between real tiled floors.

Baelea Range

All rooms have to have flooring that suits slightly different needs, and with our Baelea Range there’ll be nothing to stop you finding that perfect fit for each space. If you’ve settled on laminate or vinyl for a particular room, you’ll be seeking the highest quality. That’s why we created the Baelea Range here at Flooring Village, to suit the needs households around the UK. Having flooring from this range fitted comes with its very own lifetime guarantee, and we know you’ll be able to enjoy in for that long too! With splash and scratch-resistance Baelea laminate and rigid-core Baelea vinyl that is waterproof and silent underfoot, you have a range on offer that is prepared for the busy-ness of so many rooms in the house. Our recommendations for the Baelea flooring reach to the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and more! So, decide on what your priorities are and find the perfect Baelea flooring for practicality and style.