Woodpecker Engineered Flooring: Wooden Look Floors Without the Headache

At Flooring Village, we supply exceptional brands of engineered wood, so you have the best range of choices to suit your home. One popular range is our Woodpecker engineered flooring. Bringing you quality and affordability, the Woodpecker range is a brilliant alternative to real wood.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Designed to give the appearance of real wood, but deliver more on practicality, engineered wood floors are composed of several layers of timber stacked together. On the top of the timber, the flooring is finished with a layer of real wood lamella. This gives the authenticity of real wood, whilst avoiding the issues of solid wood floors.

Whilst pure-wood floors look traditional and aesthetic, they can become a headache. With high maintenance attached to the installation of solid wood, you can avoid the headache by opting for engineered wood flooring. With real wood, the planks can shrink or swell leaving gaps or unevenness in your floors. On top of this, they need to be treated to ensure no rotting occurs and prevent damage caused by wood worms. Instead, engineered wood flooring offers the look without the hassle. And importantly it is all about the look.

Why spend time and energy transforming your room with a flooring that isn’t perfect? There is no compromise with engineered wood flooring. It replicates solid wood exceptionally well, but will be more cost effective and lower-maintenance. As its top layer is genuine wood, there is not telling that it is not solid wood. Engineered hardwood planks are usually 14mm thick, with the top wooden layer sitting at around 3mm deep. With this thick veneer, there is the ability to sand down and re-finished the wood. Particularly, if you are opting for a thicker top layer, which within our ranges can reach 6mm.

Woodpecker Engineered Flooring

Now you know what it is, why choose Woodpecker engineered flooring? Well, the answer is simple. It’s cheap and high-quality. Forget breaking the bank for your dream floor! Woodpecker engineered flooring is designed to look expensive without costing the earth. Being even stronger than solid wood, and easy to install, there is really no downside to this excellent branded engineered wood floor.

Woodpecker take pride in the look and feel of their floor, and we can vouch that they really go above and beyond to bring the best engineered wood to the flooring market. Which is why we supply them for you! With a focus on the natural appearance, the Woodpecker engineered has the wooden texture underfoot and uplifts your home with the essence of the outdoors.

Installing your New Floor

Transform your home in no time. Woodpecker engineered flooring brings ease to the installation process. So easy, in fact, that you can do it yourself!

Preparing your floor for the engineered wooden planks is the first step. Ensure any wet floor screed is entirely dried out, to avoid capturing any residual moisture under your new flooring. This prevents any build-up of mould forming. On top of this, the surface must be free of any damp, fungus or insects, or contaminating remnants. This will ensure you are not causing damage to your new Woodpecker engineered flooring in the future.

Ensure your surface is even and the room temperature does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius or go below 18 degrees Celsius. These two tips will ensure your flooring is perfectly place and lies flat to create an even floor.

When all the conditions are prepped, you can begin getting your Woodpecker engineered flooring down. We recommend starting along the longest wall. Aligning the plank perfectly with the wall, install your it with the tongue facing inwards toward the wall. Once this first plank is fitted, you can work from there. Build up your flooring row by row, and each plank should fit together neatly creating a full and even floor. You should also ensure that there is no less that 300mm gap between the joins in each plank, keeping them staggered and therefore more securely fitted. Choosing this staggered pattern is not only the most aesthetically appealing look but reduces waste of planks.

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