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Laminate flooring is a man made flooring product that use a technique that requires joining multiple layers of different materials together, this is called lamination. This means a laminate flooring can be designed in various different shapes and sizes.

The core of laminate flooring is made from HDF or High Density Fibreboard which is one of the most dent and wear proof man made products available, it also helps resist water & moisture as well as regulating itself during temperature changes. The very bottom layer is called a stabilisng or balancing layer, which doesn’t look much but this tops the board from warping and resist moisture from underneath.

The top layer of the laminate floor is a combination of the photographic which is decorative or patterned layer and the protective wear layer. The photographic layer is what creates the appearance and the aluminum oxide clear coating which makes the wear layer determines how long this product will last and how it will wear over time.

Laminate flooring is now very easy to install and maintain, a lot more so than engineered, solid and luxury vinyls, Laminate flooring is deemed the most DIY and Public friendly flooring.

Herringbone or parquet laminate flooring is becoming a fast growing trend in the flooring market. Traditional style mixed with new and on trend colours turns this time served floor in to a modern and vibrant must have for your home.

Bevel is the term used to describe the groove or indentation on the sides of a plank or tile. For example, a 4V bevel is four grooves, these grooves will run along the outside of the plank length and width.

Baelea is a high-quality flooring brand that is exclusive to Flooring Village.

We have taken our years of experience in the flooring market to create a high-quality range of laminate and LVT flooring, exclusive to Flooring Village. We created Baelea using over 25 years of flooring knowledge. It offers the best features of big brands we sell, at affordable, online-only prices.

Our own-brand flooring offers lifetime guarantees, easy installation, and high durability. From classic parquet to trendy Victorian-style tiles, Baelea is outstanding value.

Ideal for any family home, enjoy laminate flooring with splash and scratch-resistance in a range of colours. Or choose our new luxury vinyl tile range – a waterproof, rigid-core flooring that is soft and silent underfoot.

Baelea can be used with underfloor heating.

The Benefits:

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Anti-Slip
  • Pet Friendly
  • Eco Friendly
  • Noise Reduction
  • Waterproof Options
  • Parquet & Herringbone Designs
  • Patterned Tile Options

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You can easily cover your stairs with any of our laminate solutions. It is essential the steps of your staircase must be flat square and not rounded.

If they are rounded you could achieve a flatter look by using a power tool to cut off the rounded edge and make the steps flush. Don’t worry about the finished look, when ordering your laminate you will choose a laminate nosing strip in a matching colour, during installation this nosing strip will be installed over the cut off rounded edge, giving a streamlined finish to your new laminated staircase.

Laminate Flooring on Stairs

Laminate flooring is proving ever more popular for high traffic areas in homes such as hallways and stairs and we know why – it is significantly more durable and is available in a huge range of colours, grains, textures and even patterns.

Check out our Baelea range, unique to Flooring Village this is a proved, durable laminate floor that is an affordable choice for laminate stairs.

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Decipher the colour of your walls and chose a laminate from the same colour family or opt for a purposeful contrast. Read our guide to help you decide: here. Order a range of Laminate samples to see what works best for you here.

At Flooring Village our Laminate Flooring ranges from £11.83 – £34.38 per square metre, depending on the laminate you choose. Discover a laminate that suits your budget here.

Laminate flooring is great for DIY as it’s simple to do. You will need to remove any existing floor and underlay. Apply a new underlay, lay down your laminate and leave small gaps for laminate expansion around the edges. Ensure you read the instructions thoroughly before beginning.

A damp cloth or specialist laminate floor solution are the best ways to keep your laminate floor clean and intact. We do not recommend steam mopping your laminate floor as it can lead to floor swelling. Read more here.

Laminate floor is easy to fit. It comes in planks that simply slot together like a jigsaw. Line your floor with a foam underlay and get fitting your laminate planks together on top. No need for mortar or grout, the process is dry and mess-free. Find all our Laminate Flooring options here.

Like regular laminate, Herringbone Laminate is simple to lay. Ensure you have a fresh foam underlay, then begin laying your floor. You will have individual planks of laminate which slot together in a V formation, sort yourself 2 piles of the planks to make it easier. Find all our ranges of Herringbone Laminate here.

Fitting Herringbone Laminate is simple. Sort yourself 2 piles of the laminate planks, then slot one at a time into another at a 90-degree angle creating that classic V formation pattern. No need for grout or mortar to stick them in place, the planks will hold themselves together. Find all our ranges of Herringbone Laminate here.

Laminate flooring is not waterproof. Made from fibre wood, the floor will absorb and expand if exposed to large amounts of water. A couple of splashes onto the surface won’t hurt, but more than this will be soaked up by the floor and damage can occur. Find all our Laminate Flooring options here.

There are a few methods to waterproof your laminate, including filling any gaps in the laminate planks with silicone, caulk or a gel sealant, or you could coat your floor with a layer of polyurethane (please complete your own research on polyurethane before proceeding). Ideally, do not use laminate in areas of high-risk of water damage, such as in bathrooms.

Using a damp cloth will not hold enough water to penetrate the laminate and damage your floor. Therefore, this is an easy cleaning solution. Alternatively, clean using specialist laminate floor cleaner to get a thorough but safe clean. Do not steam clean laminate floors. Read more about cleaning laminate floors here.

Yes. Laminate flooring needs a soft and even surface to be fitted properly, therefore an underlay is necessary. We recommend using a foam underlay to get a smooth and balanced surface. Find all our underlay products here.

Foam or Fibreboard are the most common laminate underlays. Both provide a soft and even finish for laminate to be laid on. Find all our underlay products here.

No. Whilst you might have existing underlay from an old carpet ready to go, this cannot be used for laminate flooring. Laminate underlay needs to be between 1-3mm thick, whereas carpet underlay is a huge 8-10mm making it too thick and bouncy for laminate to be laid over.

Ensure you secure any loose or raised floorboards firmly down to flatten out the surface area, sand down any lumps and bumps in the existing foundation. Use a spirit level to check your floor is even, and in uneven patches apply floor levelling compound to smooth the surface. Finally, apply your underlay. Find all our Laminate Flooring options here.

Whilst Wooden flooring is thicker and more hard-waring, Laminate provides a scratch resistance that Wood does not and is a more wallet-friendly alternative that can still give a high-end finish. It is personal preference, and each has its benefits. Read about all our flooring types here.

With fibreboard, you must fit the underlay at a 90-degree angle to the direction that your flooring is being fitted. This should prevent the need for tape. However, whilst using foam underlay, tape is recommended to seal the seams.

Before beginning to lay your fibreboard, allow it to acclimatise to the space for 48 hours. This will ensure it adjusts to the temperature and humidity of the room and is less likely to cause shrinking. Lay the sheets at 90-degrees to the direction of the floor and leave 10mm of space between the fibreboard and walls for expansion. Find all our underlay products here.

Fibreboard is a great choice for underlay. With benefits such as, noise absorption, insulative, and sustainable. It works particularly well under laminate floorings. Find all our underlay products here.

Whilst vinyl floor does contain chemicals that can be considered toxic (such as PVC, cadmium, or lead), they are only included in tiny percentages meaning the levels are not likely to cause any harm to people or animals. Find all our Luxury Vinyl options here.

Yes. Vinyl flooring clicks together to create a sealed tight floor that does not allow any water to be soaked through. Find all our Luxury Vinyl options here.

Using thin fibre sheets, numerous layers are pressed tightly together to give a ‘wooden’ appearance to the floor. This lamination process requires heat and tension to fuse the layers together and create a solid flooring solution. Find all our Laminate Flooring options here.

You want durable, practical, and stylish flooring for the heart of the home. From stone tiling to vinyl to laminate, there are some great options available. Find the one that is right for you. Read more about our recommendations for flooring around the home here.

Bathrooms have to be able to handle water, therefore you need a flooring that is waterproof. We recommend a solid stone tile or vinyl to do the job. Read more about our recommendations for flooring around the home here.

Wooden and wooden effect floorings will work nicely with oak furniture as the natural aesthetic will flow through. However, deciding what suits your furniture and your style best is a personal choice. Order a range of Laminate samples to see what works best for you here.

Hard flooring that can resist scratches from your pets’ paws is the ideal solution to a dog-friendly home. Laminate, Vinyl and Engineered Wood Flooring are all great options to fit a stunning floor without the fear of dog damage. Read more about our flooring recommendations for dogs here.

Carpets are great for keeping a room toasty warm, but it’s not always suitable. Engineered Wood Flooring is excellent at keeping in the heat as it provides thick, solid flooring that leaves little room for heat to escape. Vinyl also comes with insulation benefits, so your room can be kept warmer for longer. Discover more about all our flooring types here.

Visit Flooring Village to get you started with flooring. Order a range of samples here, to understand the looks and feels of different flooring types. Read up on our latest articles here, for all the top tips and tricks when it comes to floors. And get in touch with our friendly team here, to help you discover the floor for you.