Distressed Engineered Wood Flooring — Why The Hype?

distressed engineered wood flooring

Distressed engineered wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular.

What is Distressed Engineered Wood Flooring?

Made of a high-quality plywood core with a thin layer of hardwood flooring on top, distressed engineered wood flooring is undoubtably a beautiful edition to any space.

With characteristics like old-reclaimed floorboards, distressed engineered wood flooring has an authentic aesthetic. Its natural features including large knots, textured grain and rough edges makes it perfect for creating a cosy and timeworn look without the costly price-tag that comes with natural hard wood flooring.

However, if you’re in a predicament deciding between reclaimed flooring and engineered wood, it is worth noting that reclaimed flooring is unsuitable to be used with underfloor heating. This is because it is much less stable around humidity and areas with potentially higher changes in temperature.

What Interior Does It Suit?

Originally, distressed engineered wood flooring was primarily used in interiors which aimed to project rustic, antique or vintage aesthetics. However, it has recently had an influx in modern interiors too. It creates a juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary styles which makes it a desirable feature for any space, especially with current trends. Explore how you can style your interior with distressed engineered wood flooring here.

Apart from its striking appearance, this flooring type has many functional advantages to consider too.

High Durability

Engineered wood flooring is manufactured and finished to a high standard of quality, meaning you can trust that it will endure heavy foot traffic which is inevitable in any busy household, commercial or other public space. No matter the nature of the space it is installed in, this flooring offers long-term durability.

Engineered wood flooring is also easy to clean, unlike some other common alternatives that may require repolishing after some use and can easily maintain their sheen for several years.

One of the great advantages of a distressed floor is that it’s designed to look worn and weathered. With its blemishes, textured grain and roughened edges, it disguises any scratching, scuffs or damage that you may accidently cause to the floor when it’s down. A distressed floor can hide a variety of issues, and make it look like they were intended all along.

Versatility of finishing and re-finishing

One of the biggest selling points for engineered wood flooring is once it has been sanded it can be re-finished with a protective coating to make it look new again.  

To add, you can get this flooring in a vast variety of finishing, including textures, designs, colours and styles that all complement different environments. Distressed engineered wood flooring is a particular point of interest for a lot of people. Browse our range of flooring here. So, if you’re deciding on a new flooring, distressed engineered wood could be the one for you.