Distressed Engineered Wood Flooring

Distressed engineered wood flooring is an extremely popular type of engineered wood flooring that we stock. With our distressed wood flooring, the particular style is designed to make the flooring look old and worn, perfect for any homeowner looking for something a little different.

Why choose distressed engineered wood flooring?

Add a rustic feel to your home, with our individually hand-treated, brushed, scraped signature distressed wood flooring. Not only will it make your home feel cozy and authentic, but reclaimed engineered wood wood flooring is also extremely durable and hard-wearing.

Distressed engineered wood flooring is perfect for pets and children who are known for scratching and making marks on the floor. Already looking weathered, the floor’s signature abundance of scratches and patterns will hide any dent, chip, and stain in plain sight and make it look deliberate.

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How is distressed engineered wood flooring made?

Distressed and hand-scraped floors are similar in that both techniques produce a textured finish.

Distressed wood floors are textured by machine and can relate to a range of different techniques to make a floor look aged or more textured. This could include anything from adding wormholes and scrape marks to including nail holes to make the wood look reclaimed.

While distressed engineered wood floors are created by a machine, hand-scraped flooring is finished by hand. It involves smoothing down the flooring using a special tool. While this technique was originally invented to make a floor more level, because it was done by hand it created slight irregular patterns or marks in the wood, which is what the modern technique seeks to deliver.

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