Herringbone Engineered Oak Flooring & Real Wood Parquet

One of our most popular styles, we stock a huge range of oak herringbone flooring and parquet engineered wood. Choose from a traditional, real oak herringbone pattern, or a modern chevron wood floor. It’s much easier to install than solid wood and looks beautiful in your home.

What is Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring?

Parquet wood flooring is a traditional style of floor, dating back to the late 1600s, which was introduced in Versailles, France.

Wood parquet flooring was made by cutting small pieces of different coloured woods into a geometric design, all done by hand. An engineered wood herringbone or chevron floor is the same size and style as it always was, but now new technology allows us to build parquet engineered wood flooring from multiple layers of ply and wood. This helped to create the strongest and most reliable product on the market, with an easier installation.

What do Herringbone & Chevron mean?

There is a common misconception that herringbone is the name for parquet wood flooring, however, it is not true.

Herringbone is name given to the most traditional style of laying wood parquet, while chevron engineered wood flooring is a new twist on the design. There are many different ways to lay parquet engineered wood flooring, which we have listed below. However some products can not be installed this way, it is always best to check any installation instructions before installing your chevron or herringbone parquet engineered wood flooring.

Traditional Parquet Herringbone

Brickbond Parquet

Diagonal Basket or Basket Weave Parquet

Traditional Herringbone With a Block Border

Why Would I Buy Engineered Parquet Flooring?

Traditionally, parquet flooring would be a solid block of oak or other hardwood, which due to the time, preparation and adhesives needed to install this style have meant it has always been a costly venture. A solid wood parquet floor can set you back thousands of pounds.

New oak parquet is now being made as engineered wood flooring, which means intricate herringbone or chevron wood patterns are cheaper to manufacture and easier to install. Alongside this, the parquet engineered wood flooring now has a constructed of several layers of HDF or PLY which greatly enhances structural stability, which means the boards are less likely to warp or move in humid or more moisture prone areas. All of this means you can install your new parquet engineered wood flooring in kitchens and over underfloor heating, while still enjoying the feel of real wood.

Spoilt For Choice

At Flooring Village we are only interested in the best products in the market. We spend hours researching, testing and talking to experts in the flooring market so that we know any product we launch will deliver the best performance. All of our parquet engineered wood floors come with a minimum of a 15-year guarantee. We now sell a stunning range of real wood herringbone floors at excellent, online-only prices.

Wood parquet has undergone serious developments over the last 400 years and is now available in the highly durable, moisture resistant and heat resistant form of engineered wood. Companies like Woodpecker Goodrich Parquet Engineered Flooring & Tuscan Modelli have introduced brand new, fresh and stylish colours so a parquet floor can look fantastic in any modern home. Or try our own-brand herringbone engineered wood, Baelea.

Want a cheap or waterproof alternative? Try our parquet style laminate and herringbone LVT.

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