Tuscan Engineered Wood Flooring

Tuscan engineered wood flooring is made from real wood, making it a premium grade and superior quality engineered wood flooring. It’s German manufactured, bringing the best quality and performance for years to come. Beautiful colours and designs bring Tuscan flooring to life. Tuscan flooring is textured and has hand-scraped boards – it comes in a range of finishes, from smoked & lacquered to brushed. Or read about the latest wood floor trends here.

These plank floors stand out in any property giving it true beauty. Tuscan engineered wood flooring is built of superior 3-Ply construction, which guarantees performance with stability, installation (5G Valinge Click System or Tuscan 5GC Drop Loc) and not forgetting an outstanding 25-year warranty. Real wood floors such as Tuscan Vintage, Tuscan Strato and the Tuscan Forte are hard to come by. Superior build quality, impressive finishes, and outstanding manufacturing guarantees make Tuscan engineered wood flooring some of the best in the market.

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